HostLaunch Is Now in Beta

April 13, 2020

New card requirement

To prepare for production launch in May, we will be requiring a credit card to be on file for hosting companies. HostLaunch will continue to be free until production launch.

On Wednesday, April 15th at 12:00PM PT (7:00PM UTC) we will roll out the requirement for a credit card. At this time, if your HostLaunch store is active, it will go into maintenance mode until a card is added to your account.

You can read about how to add a credit card to your account in this article.

Recent Improvements

In honor of #HostingMonth, here's a quick highlight of improvements we've made recently:

Non-USD currency support for pricing plans

We've added support for all currencies that Stripe supports (135+). This means you can charge your customers in the currency that works best for you while minimizing Stripe currency conversion fees.

Customers can upgrade servers to higher-priced plans

Your customers now have the option of upgrading their servers. This means more powerful servers for them and higher revenue for you.

Improved onboarding flow for hosting companies

We've added a step-by-step onboarding guide to make it even easier for you to launch your hosting company. While you are in the process of setting up your HostLaunch account, you now have a clear overview of what has been done and what needs to be done.

Delete customer servers, sites, and accounts

Hosting companies can now delete a customer's sites, servers, or their whole account directly in the hosting company dashboard.

More detailed customer action history

Previously, the information shown in the customer action history was limited, but now you can see every single action taken by a customer, including the date and time of the action and the customer's IP address.

User Spotlight

Finally, we're interested in hearing your feedback about HostLaunch. To let us know about your company and how things are going, please take a moment to answer our 3 question survey.

Thanks for your support,
The HostLaunch Team