HostLaunch Professional Plan

November 16, 2020

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the HostLaunch Professional plan! The Professional plan includes the ability to host your customer portal on your own domain, add team members to your account, and use your own SSH public key to quickly and securely log into your customers' servers.

Custom Domains

When you sign up for a HostLaunch account, we Professionalvided a unique subdomain for your company, which means you can start selling hosting right away. Now, companies on the Professional plan can choose to use a custom domain for their customer portal (e.g.

Check out our article to learn about how to enable a custom domain.

Team Members

Companies with multiple employees can now create a unique login for each employee, as well as assign them a specific role.

To learn more about Team Member functionality, check out our article.

SSH Public Key Management

To make it as easy as possible to support your customer, companies can now easily add their SSH public keys to customers' servers. This allows quick and secure SSH access to a server when you need it. No need for setting passwords or manually copying SSH public keys.

Check out our article on SSH public key management for more information.