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How SSH Public Key Management Works

The SSH Public Key Management feature is limited to the Professional plan. You can upgrade to the Pro plan in your account settings.

The SSH Public Key Management feature is only available to account owners and administrators.

The HostLaunch Professional plan includes the ability to add your SSH public key to a customer's server for quick and secure access. This makes it incredibly easy to offer high quality support to your customers.

Adding your SSH Public Key to your Profile

Before you can add your SSH public key to a customer's server, you must add your key to your HostLaunch profile:

  1. Log into a HostLaunch owner/administrator account (the "Support Agent" role does not support SSH public key management).
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Profile Settings.
  4. Click SSH Key.
  5. Enter your SSH public key.
  6. Click Add Key.

Your SSH public key is now available to be added to customers' servers.

Add your SSH Public Key to a Customer's Server

Now that your SSH public key has been added to your profile, you can easily add it to a customer's server so you can securely SSH in without using a password.

  1. Navigate to a customer's site.
  2. Click Add My SSH Key next to the system user you want to log in as.

You can now SSH into the customer's server as the system user you added your SSH public key to.

Remove your SSH Public Key from a Customer's Server

Once you're done SSHing into the server, we recommend remove the SSH key.

  1. Navigate to the customer's site.
  2. Click Remove MY SSH Key next to the system user.

Your SSH key has been removed from the customer's server. If you would like to SSH into this server in the future you will need to add your SSH key again.

Last updated: November 8, 2020

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