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How to Access Droplets

You may log into your server as the root user (the superuser which can perform all operations on that server) in two ways: Through SSH and through the DigitalOcean dashboard.


When you created your HostLaunch account, you provided us with your SSH key pair. We have configured your server(s) to use that key pair automatically when you attempt to SSH into it.

Open your SSH client, and make sure to select SSH if there are multiple options such as telnet. Enter your server's IP address in the Host or similar field, make sure the user is set to root and that any path or remote directory field is blank, then connect. If you configured your SSH keys with a password, you will be prompted to enter it at this time. If you did not set a password, then you will be automatically logged in without typing anything further. This is now a normal SSH session like any other.

DigitalOcean Terminal

You may also log into a terminal session through the DigitalOcean dashboard. Log into DigitalOcean, and select the server you want to log into. On the next page, click Access and then Console access.

You will need to enter login credentials here. If you do not know your root password, click Reset root password on that same screen. This will immediately reboot your Droplet and email a new root password to you to the address associated with your DigitalOcean Account.

If you see a black screen without any login prompt, please try clicking anywhere inside the black square then pressing any key to activate the console.

Once logged in, this behaves like any other terminal session.

If you are unfamiliar with SSH, we have a guide here.

Last updated: February 24, 2020

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