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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

HostLaunch helps you keep your account secure by offering two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is not required, but we recommend enabling it for added security. In order to utilize 2FA, you'll need to install Google Authenticator or a similar 2FA app on your mobile device.

Once you've installed Google Authenticator, click the gear in the top right corner of HostLaunch to view the drop-down menu and then select My Account.

From there, click 2-Step Authentication.

You'll be prompted to enter your current HostLaunch password. Once you've done so, click the Enable 2-Step Authentication button.

The next screen will have a QR code which you can scan into the Google Authenticator app on your phone.

Open Google Authenticator on your device and press the red + at the bottom right corner. Then, click Scan a barcode.

The Google Authenticator app will display a red square with crosshairs. Center the QR code in the square and the app will automatically scan it.

Once added to Google Authenticator, enter into HostLaunch the six-digit code you are shown in Google Authenticator, then click Register Device.

Note: There is a blue countdown timer to the right of your code. Once that expires, a new code will be displayed. If the current code has almost expired, it's generally best to wait for a fresh code to appear so the first does not time out.

If the registration is successful, you'll see the message "TOTP device registered successfully."

You're all set! Your account now has two-factor authentication enabled.

Important: Save the TOTP key (the string of letters and digits near the QR code in HostLaunch) in a safe place. You can use this to add HostLaunch to Google Authenticator on a new phone in case you lose your existing phone.

Disabling Two-Step Authentication

Should you wish to disable two-step authentication, click the Disable 2-Step Authentication button on this same page in HostLaunch and enter your password when prompted.

If you're having trouble accessing your account with 2FA, contact HostLaunch support for assistance.

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