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How to Increase the DigitalOcean Droplet Limit

DigitalOcean's policy may change in the future, but at the time of writing, this was their policy. We will update this article accordingly if we find that any information herein is outdated. Should you find any discrepancies in your experience, please email us at support@hostlaunch.io.

DigitalOcean imposes a limit of 10 droplets (servers) that can be created on all new accounts. As you'll be running a web hosting business, you will want to increase this limit to ensure that you can keep up with your customer demand.

DigitalOcean has two main criteria that you must meet in order to have a droplet limit increased without delay. Those two criteria are a positive payment history and zero history of abuse on the account. As long as you meet these criteria, then you should be able to proceed with the steps in this guide to increase your limit to 100 without any issue. We recommend that you request an increase as soon as possible, so that this limit does not negatively impact the growth of your business.

How to Increase the Droplet Limit

First, you will want to login to your DigitalOcean account, and then navigate to the Account page.

Once there, you'll want to click the Increase link to open the form to increase your account's current limit.

Then fill out the form by providing your name, location, a brief explanation for your need to increase the limit, the amount you would like to be your limit, and lastly a link to a public profile such as your company's Twitter, Github, or Facebook account.

After you've submitted the form, it will then be passed on to DigitalOcean's support team for review. On average, these requests are typically reviewed and approved within a day.

If you decide that you need more than 100 droplets initially, you can still fill out the form, but it may take significantly longer to process for amounts higher than 100. So, we recommend that you request no more than 100 at first, and then you can request another increase for more after being approved for 100.

Once your DigitalOcean account spending has surpassed more than $500 a month, the DigitalOcean team will assign you an account manager. Requests to increase the droplet limit are then processed more quickly after meeting this threshold as you will not have to fill out the normal request form to have the limit increased further.

Last updated: November 27, 2019

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