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Screenshots: What Your Customers See

Below you'll find screenshots showing what your hosting company's management portal looks like to your customers.

You can also see screenshots of what your company sees when logged into your hosting company side of HostLaunch.

Logging In

Your customers will see your logo above the login and signup forms.

Creating Servers and Sites

Once logged in, your customers can create new servers. Users are prompted to purchase a subscription in order to create a server. Once the user purchases a subscription, they can delete and recreate the server as needed without purchasing a new subscription. They'd only need to purchase a new subscription to add a second server to their account.

The user can create as many new sites on their server as their subscription allows. You control the maximum number of sites allowed for a subscription when you set your company's pricing.

Upgrading Servers

If a user decides to upgrade their server, they'll be prompted to upgrade their server's subscription before the server is resized.

Managing Sites

Once a user has created a site, they can manage the site's domain names, SSL certificate, PHP version, databases, and SSH/SFTP password.

Free AutoSSL certificates are made available as soon as the user adds a domain name to an app and changes their domain's DNS to resolve to the server's IP address.

Billing and Account Management

Users can view subscription and invoice information. And, of course, they can update their email address, password, and two-step authentication settings.

Last updated: October 2, 2020

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