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About HostLaunch

What Is HostLaunch?

HostLaunch is a platform for running a modern web hosting company. With HostLaunch, you can be up and running with your own managed VPS hosting company in minutes.

Service Requirements

HostLaunch is a SaaS application. That means there's no installation so no installation requirements. In order to use HostLaunch, you do need accounts with a few other services.

Screenshots: What Your Company Sees

Below you'll find screenshots showing what you see as the owner of a hosting company, including the steps of setting up a new company and managing your own account information.

Screenshots: What Your Customers See

Below you'll find screenshots showing what your hosting company's management portal looks like to your customers. You can also see screenshots of what your company sees when logged into your hosting company side of HostLaunch.

WHMCS Alternative

HostLaunch is the best hosting automation tool for selling VPS hosting. Designed from the ground up for modern hosting, HostLaunch makes it easy to build your hosting brand around secure, simplified and automated cloud hosting.

Launch your hosting company now.