What Is HostLaunch?

HostLaunch is a platform for running a modern web hosting company. With HostLaunch, you can be up and running with your own managed VPS hosting company in minutes.

You'll have a portal for your users to create accounts, log in, purchase servers, and manage PHP and WordPress applications on those servers.

You and your support team will also have an interface where you can view information about and manage your business and customers.

When one of your customers purchases a VPS from you, HostLaunch uses your Stripe or PayPal API key to charge the customer and then creates a server for your customer using your DigitalOcean and ServerPilot API keys.

The actual VPS belongs to DigitalOcean. ServerPilot is used to configure and manage web hosting on those servers. SendGrid is used to send email on your behalf to your customers. PayPal and Stripe are used to charge your users.

Still Have Questions?

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