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WHMCS Alternative

If you're comparing WHMCS vs. HostLaunch, here are some considerations.


HostLaunch is the best hosting automation tool for selling VPS hosting. Designed from the ground up for modern hosting, HostLaunch makes it easy to build your hosting brand around secure, simplified cloud hosting.

HostLaunch specializes in:

  • Ease of use with low support,
  • Clients isolated on their own cloud servers,
  • Integration with modern services such as ServerPilot, Stripe, and DigitalOcean, and
  • SaaS so you never have to update.


WHMCS is a hosting automation tool created in 2005. Optimized for traditional shared hosting but highly customizable, WHMCS can be used to sell almost anything.

WHCMS specializes in:

  • Selling shared hosting and domain names,
  • Integration with cPanel,
  • Extensible so you can build your own modules, and
  • Add-on marketplace with third-party modules.

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