It's now easy to run a
modern hosting company

Hosting Company

You're the hosting company. HostLaunch makes it easy for you to offer your customers an interface to purchase and manage their hosting.

White Label

Customers access your branded management interface.

✓ HostLaunch-hosted subdomain or

✓ Custom domain

✓ Your company logo


Our interfaces always use TLS encryption, both for you and your customers.

User Management

View and manage your customers and their services through your own management interface.

Density Control

You set limits on the number of sites per server, preventing customers from exhausting their own server's resources.

Multiple Team Members

Add multiple team members to your account with two levels of permissions.

SSH Key Management

Easily add your SSH public key to a customer's server for secure access without a password.

Grows With You

No monthly minimum and clear per-customer pricing means we succeed when you do.

Your Customers

Give your customers a beautiful hosting experience. With a clean interface and great, reliable technology under the hood, they'll be happy customers for life.

Private VPSes

Each customer's sites are on their own servers. They can have multiple servers and multiple sites per server.

No shared hosting.

Free SSL

Using ServerPilot's advanced Let's Encrypt integration, your customers get free, automated SSL certificates.

One-Click WordPress

A one-click WordPress installer will have your customers running WordPress in seconds.


Your customers trust you, so you rely on the industry's best foundations.


Launched in 2012, DigitalOcean brought simplicity to cloud servers and became #1 as a result.


Launched in 2013, ServerPilot has become the new standard in hosting control panels.

Application Stack

ServerPilot configures a fast and reliable stack for hosting any PHP + MySQL apps as well as static websites.

✓ Nginx

✓ Apache + .htaccess

✓ Multiple PHP Versions


ServerPilot keeps your server's software up to date and configures your server's software to be secure.

✓ Automated updates

✓ Site isolation

✓ Firewall


In today's world, billing doesn't have to be painful for you or your customers.

Your Prices

You choose your prices for every server size. You also choose which server sizes to offer.

Recurring Billing

Your customers pay upfront for new servers and are billed automatically at the start of each month.


Charges are done through your own Stripe account. All payments go directly to you.

Launch your hosting company now.