HostLaunch Pricing

Grows with you.
We succeed when you do.

Free until
May 2020

We're currently in alpha.
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Pricing starting
May 2020


$5 monthly minimum

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Break free from the old hosting industry constraints. HostLaunch makes it easy for you to build your brand and create a profitable business.

For You (Hosts)

  • Automated billing
  • Customer management
  • Branded customer portal
  • HostLaunch support

For Your Customers

  • VPS provisioning
  • Website configuration
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Beautiful simplicity


Do you have a trial period?

We don't have a trial period. However, HostLaunch is free until May 2020.

Does the pricing include DigitalOcean costs?

HostLaunch pricing does not include DigitalOcean costs. HostLaunch creates servers on your own DigitalOcean account.

Does the pricing include ServerPilot costs?

HostLaunch pricing does not include ServerPilot costs. HostLaunch creates servers on your own ServerPilot account.

Am I charged for inactive customers?

No, you're only charged for customers who are invoiced at the beginning of the month.

How much am I charged if I have no customers yet?

Our minimum monthly charge is $5/month as long as your customer-facing interface is active. However, there is no charge until May 2020.

Can my customers use PayPal?

We don't currently accept PayPal.

Pricing or billing questions?